Car Meets Exhibitions Audience for TV Track Days

Live Events

The Engine Room can be an extension of existing car meets / track days in the early day but ultimately host annual events and opportunities to be a part of the TV show audience (appropriate challenges).

Car Meets

'Car Meets' organised by The Engine Room.


Based on featurettes from our digital content and influenced by specific classic car history.

Audience for TV

Where applicable, there can be audience attendance for some of the challenges and/or finale of the TV series. This will likely include the announcement of the car lottery winner.

Track Days

The Engine Room can advertise and host 'Track Days' for racetracks all over Australia which can include additional opportunities for our sponsors.

Our Big Interactive Event

One of the cars can be won by the public/audience

Voting will enter you into a lottery

There will be a QR code option on the TV and direct web site access to the digital voting booth for each team which will register each person as a lottery ticket holder for one of these classic cars at the end of the series.

Additional Opportunities

We have considered a number of Merchandise, Licensing and Publishing opportunities that can integrate through the different platforms.

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