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The world loves cars

By 2015, "Top Gear" as a car TV brand had revenue exceeding £150 million a year across TV and ancillary business ventures.

The Engine Room is a new TV brand that will become synonymous with reality TV fans, car enthusiasts, and sports fans. The show itself will launch as an entertaining TV format and sustain interest in car related opportunities for the brand and its commercial exploitation.
There is a 100-year old history and passion behind the local car industry that has recently taken a fall.  We will bridge this gap and leverage its existing built-in audience and age-old rivalry between ‘Ford vs Holden’ as a launchpad and develop a sporting fandom experience for our audience based on competing teams in a metaphorical, and sometimes actual, race to the finish line.
This brand will evolve from a TV format, with a concurrent digital content platform to extended business-units, partnering with relevant car associated companies for merchandise, licensing, and publishing opportunities.
We will deliver it in a format that is popular with local audiences through a traditional TV network platform but with a strong presence for the digital and social media savvy audience delivering the content to a younger audience who have different viewing habits.



We invite you to review some stills and a couple of video excerpts from our proof of concept pilot below.

Please get in touch to see the full video.

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