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Reaching - Car Enthusiasts Reality TV Fans Sports Event Fans

Our iconic car industry has always been able to capture the hearts of Australians.

Families around the country have grown up in a Holden or Ford. Like meat pies and the hills hoist, they are embedded in our phyce.

This show will tap into that nostalgia of cars being more than just a means of transport. We will explore their history and our relationship with them. We will see how they affect family members and friends, as a ‘rite of passage’, while working together on physical, mental and emotional car related challenges.

After both Ford and Holden factories closing recently, ”The Engine Room” will fill a gap for many that have enjoyed this friendly rivalry. It will also introduce future generations to this history while igniting the team fandom of supporting our favourite iconic car brand, or our favourite sports team.

Jaffar Luke

Creator / Executive Producer
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